Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by SoxxClinton, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Looking for folks in the Twin Cities to network with, bounce ideas, partner up with on various projects.

    I've been trading full time for nearly 10 years. I experiment with lots of things but I have made the bulk of my gains with fundamental factor based models. I am currently teaching myself math and programming to get my toolbox up to speed with the things I am working on/thinking about.

    I have experimented in the past with everything from automated technical strategies, options spreads, designing algorithms to beat poker, looked at foreclosed real estate. Anything that I think I can get an edge on. Mostly I enjoy the process, but money doesn't hurt either. :)

    Mostly I am looking for a two-way synergistic process, I don't need to give or receive mentoring, and have traded my own account long enough to get beyond the get rich quick phase. (Honestly, my experience has been that the traditional route of grad school, working my way up through a firm, would have been a lot easier than the life I have chosen).

    Anyway, drop me a line if you are in the TC and want to work on some things or get a bigger group together, etc.
  2. I am from Prior Lake originally and I should be up in Minneapolis for a few weeks starting on the 7th of July (out in Vegas now). It would be great to set up a GTG for the week right after the 4th of July holiday....I'm game! :)