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    I have spent countless hours and days researching prop shops. I'll be graduating from college in two weeks and don't have anything lined up for a job (career). I know the risks are high and the reward is questionable, but I want to give it a try.

    To get to my question, I would like to stay in the Minneapolis area, but there seems to be a lack of opportunity here. Can anyone give me some advice, maybe a list of props in the area?
  2. slfish, more on your background? Why are you reluctant to leave MN? You realize it is far from a financial center and limiting your location to MN will severely hamper you.
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    hey dude, minneapolis is pretty broke. theres not much here. i am also graduating right now and i've lived in MN pretty much my whole live, and i'm moving to chicago to prop trade. i'd say thats your best place to look. tons of opportunities there and its still midwest.

    i was also hoping to stay in minneapolis but there just isn't much here..
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    Quality of life in Minneapolis is supposed to be great. If you like MN, work in Minneapolis. No matter how successful you become you will not be happy if you live somewhere you do not like, that said I am certain Chicago has more opportunities.

    Good luck
  6. Exactly, what the hell are you guys talking about Minneapolis is home to the MGEX. The best thing is most of the volume is in the pit so you could get a job as a clerk or something on the floor then make some contacts down there and when everything eventually goes electronic they will be looking for guys to move upstairs and trade with them. Plus the new agricultural index futures are the future of grain trading. Wait until these babies get some liquidity and you will be in the front row!!!
  7. I remenber erading somewhere that MN was in the top 10 places for young grads not close enough to the beach for me but it sounds nice
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    Thanks for all the responses,

    BigBrent701 - to answer your questions, I have been trading corn options for a couple of years now, and have been interested in anything financial since a very young age, I will be graduating with a Agronomy degree from University Wisconsin-River Falls, (Agronomy=basically the study of Corn/Soybean Management). I am reluctant to leave the Minneapolis area because I recently went to the CBOT to visit with a broker for a day just to see what his lifestyle was like, and I just don't know If i can handle the city. I have travelled all over the US and visited many major cities, but until I visited Chicago, I never had the mindset of imagining myself living there. Minneapolis is great because you can be downtown and be in the country within a half hour, I just don't see that happening in Chicago. As an avid Outdoorsman, being away from the city is very important to me.
  9. well honestly your in a tough situation. Personally with your background i go to the MGEX and see what happens.
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