Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Anybody trading in or around the minneapolis area?
  2. I'm from around there, live in the vicinity. Whats up?
  3. Just checking if there is a big trading community around the metro area. Maybe would get together share ideas, or even start a trading room.
  4. meetup.com has a group or two for the Area, search "trading" on meetup.com for MN

    Maybe look for a couple traders that work at the Grain exchange downtown. Cargil has traders here. You looking for retail or commercial traders?
  5. Yeah i looked on meetup, didnt know if they were serious traders or not? I'm just looking for any profitable traders out there who are more the day-trading type.
  6. emg


    u will not find successful traders. Why would a successful traders want to deal with more than 90% losers? What will the successful traders will gain from the losers?

    Successful traders will only deal with another successful traders. Successful traders know that dealing with 90% loses or newbies is a waste of time. What is he/she will gain?
  7. I am a successful trader...
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    Carl K