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    Looking for experienced traders in the Minneapolis area to further my journey. I am a 26 year old pharmacist who has recently begun trading (~6 months). I started off getting into trading with crypto (i know, i know...) where I started with ~$80 and brought it into an $800 account by leveraged trading, not buy and HODL tactics. Crypto taught me about extreme volatility -- which was good in my opinion.

    In the stock market I trade mainly options on single stocks; directional swing trades. With an initial account of $3,300 I have grown it to $5,200 in close to 6 months. I dabble in mini-currencies and mini-commodity futures.

    I have studied the works of John Carter, Carley Garner, Don Bright, Mark Douglas, and Nicolas Darvas.

    TL;DR: I am a newbie who hasn't blown up an account (yet!) and want to further my trading knowledge. I like to listen more than I talk and would love to hear anything that you professionals would like to say! Recommendations for additional readings via PM also welcome. Thanks!
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    I make near this in gross per year already (80 hour salaried + hourly rate over 80, bonus and annual raises). I started getting into trading as a hobby, but I do really enjoy it and want to absorb the teachings anyone can offer. Not interested in massive profits, just want to be consistent. I can fully fund my account with money i dont necessarily care about to learn and absorb bumps along the way.