Minis charting, under 100$, RELIABLE and FAST quotes???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by neo_hr, Mar 1, 2002.

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    ... I think the title says it all? Please recommend something.

  2. ensign + esignal (provided you sign up for one year)
  3. This has been discussed on several threads. So far the only inexpensive packages are Nextrend and QCharts and LiveCharts. I found both very reliable but you need to rely on several providers anyway. The CME is out with a new real time package powered by Futuresource however it will probably be above $100 per month with charting. Waiting for QQL ...
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    Just got a flyer from the CME saying that you can get their e-mini live for $30 from the CME. It also says something about FuturesSource charting for $30 and $65.

    I think it could be worth looking into, for quotes directly from the CME
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    I tried a couple of weeks ago for free (I lied about my e mail so I got like two or three weeks free) but there was this bug with software;

    Say you are looking at 1 and 5min chart of ES02H and after a while you drag that little cube at the bottom and scroll left, than back right... and it messes up the chart like when your window on desktop freezes of leaves trails. Also every now and then it would snap back to beginning of the trading session all by itself for no reason and you would have to drag it back right to see the latest candles. Yes, and then you would have the problem of messed chart...

    I e mailed tech support about that AND NOONE REPLIED!!! No way am I going with that software

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    Thanks neo. Was the data up to speed, any lag time / missed quotes?
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    Guys please dont use my experience as a refference! I DO have a powerful PC but only a dial up connection so I really cant measure up w. you guys with DSL and Cable and all that...

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