Mining Fund Disclosures for Investment Ideas

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    chs245 the headline of a article. I have only seen the frist 2 paragraphs on Yahoo ( but would be interested to read the full article. Can anyone post it or provide a synopsis ?

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  2. he is basicly saying you can search out what mutual funds are doing and piggyback them. not sure thats such a good idea since most funds cant even beat the market. might get a few ideas though.
    go to real money and sign up for free trial. they are letting people trial again.

    "Go to the Edgar section of the SEC's Web site or any of a number of other Edgar-searching sites, and you can see for yourself. You can search for 13Fs by filer, from giant Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A:NYSE - commentary - research) to the smaller Northstar Capital Management. Scan the filing and you'll find a list of the fund's holdings, right there in plain sight. You can even go back to prior 13F filings to see which positions are new, which ones have grown and which ones are being sold"
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    they still require a credit card for the free trial. i have been a long term subscriber, but cancel last year because the good contributors were going away.

    i thought (hoped) he would refer to a strategy whereby you would screen for funds with big holdings in particular stocks, and step in front of them once you "see" big inflows or redemptions into / out of the mutual funds.

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  4. i don't think the info is timely enough for that.
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    not sure myself. but i have seen cramer mentioning the strategy a couple of times, which leads me to believe that some hedgies must be trading such a strategy. the key of course is to know which funds are "super hot" or "super cold" during the time of the in/outflows.