Minimum Wage ... Unbelivable?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by empee, Jul 28, 2006.

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  2. did you watch oprahs show on people living below poverty because of the minimum wage today? WTF is up with the U.S. Glad I live in semi socialist Canada after watching it.
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    u watch oprah??
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    LOL, I know right? :D
  5. How can congress vote themselves a raise yet a stinkin' minimum wage increase of $2.00 is totally out of the question?

    Also if Republicans are for business marketplace then why are they pushing minimum wage in the Mid-West??

    Are they trying to just win votes??? nahhhh that couldn't happen
  6. please, I beg you, just for a minute consider the economic implications of rasing the minimum wage. While in a perfect world everyone would like to see a higher minimum wage, a raise would do more damage then any other suposidly irresponsible fiscal policy decision.
  7. total BS
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    it is downright a disgrace that man should earn 40x5.15= $ 206
    a week.
    and pay tax on that I suppose.
    there is a wide divide between rich and poor in the US and its only getting worse.
    countries like Australia and New Zealand have a minimum wage
    of $ 11.70 and $ 10.00 an hour, so it can be done without the economy going down in free fall.

    shame on the US
  9. The poor don't pay much in taxes, hell many of them get everything they pay in back, and many more get paid for doing nothing. We subsidize food, housing, medical and whatever else. They have a better health care plan than I do! The only plus I can see, is that raising the minimum wage MIGHT, give them more incentive to go out and work. Aside from the pimple faced kid taking tickets at the theatre, or the kid behind the counter at McDonalds, do any of you know anyone earning minimum wage? Likely not, because minimum wage is just a starting point, and nearly every business, company, or organization offers the opportunity for advancement.

    The ones who really get the shaft are the middle class. As a percent of what they earn, they are taxed the most. If the founding fathers were to see what has happened to us, they would be throwing one hell of a tea party!
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