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    Hopefully this is a quick question.

    Assuming you are trading stocks (in the 1000 share range), what would be the minimum daily volume you would look for?


  2. 1,000,000 Avg Daily Volume.

  3. LOL
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    LOL LOL ....

    If you think this figure is funny then state your criteria. If you trade purely on support and resistance and pay no attention to the liquidity of the issue then tell us how you get realiable entry and exit points.

    We have made some good trades in 1 M average volume issues so I'm not sure why you think this is a funny criteria.
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    I agree (first time ever)

    If you trade what everyone else is trading, only a small percentage of you will make money.

    Learn this everyday the hard way.
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    I'm long 3000 shares of a stock with an average daily volume of 1,500 (that's one thousand five hundred). I guess I must trade different than you guys :)
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    You've got nuts. If you decided you wanted to work out of that position today it would probably take you a week or more to sell the position without having a serious negative effect on price just from your own order.
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    .... well then I guess all that volume in the nasdaq, nyse, and derivatives markets is just wasted.... and of course everyone is losing money - except you..... wait while I dump all our trading strategies and switch over to penny stocks because the people trading those are the only people making money .....

    Elite Trader is truly a Hilarious group of people .....
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  10. I think the min. avg. daily volume largely depends on the position size you are taking and whether or not you are trading a stock or an ETF. If trading an ETF, average daily volume is irrelevant because the bid/ask spread will move with the underlying prices of the stocks, even if not a single person is trading the ETF.

    With stocks, I personally look for min. avg. daily volume of 1mil. or more.
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