Minimum $ for funding an account

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  1. What is the minimum I'd need to open up an account and trade stocks? Whats the smallest size I can trade that is feasible with fees and what not? Very new to stocks.
  2. gaussian


    Risk tolerance is key here.

    I generally try to risk approximately 5% per trade. It's better to set hard percentage risk tolerances like this so you can calculate how many bad trades you have to make to completely blow out.

    If you set your maximum risk per trade you can calculate the minimum required capital.
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  3. Im thinking 1%-5% per trade
  4. Times


    There are some free commission brokers that have no minimum to open and also give you a free stock up to $1,000 if you signed up. PM me if interested
  5. Turveyd


    Remember if holding over night and stock can gap up or down making your stop loss 5% into 30%.
  6. Metamega


    If your from the U.S and plan on day trading you’ll need 25k to get around pattern day trade rule.
  7. kj5159


    For a small account it may be best (just regarding fees etc.) to trade FX since you're paying the spread which is always the same proportion rather than paying flat commission rates per trade which can really add up, especially on a small account.