Minimum deposit in Proprietary Trading Firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stasbz, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. stasbz


    Could you tell me what minimum deposit in Proprietary Trading Firms?
    What minimum monthly fees for platform and all quotes and data?
  2. minimum deposits are usually around 5-10k, with some firms offering less. monthly costs include software fees, data fees, and commissions. Software typically runs about $300/month more or less with the basic NASDAQ subscription.

    A large part of your fees goes to regulatory and government agencies as well.
  3. cubecode


    the lowest deposit I found was $2500 with 100% pay out with very competitive commission rate. But the monthly software charges range from $170-$250

    Another company I found requires $5000 but their software fee is just $75.

    I suggest you pay no more that $3000 deposits. And stay away from the ones that charges for training. The training should be free once you join them because you are already bringing them revenue once you start trading. They shouldn't be too greedy and be after all your dimes.
  4. what was the cut off? that is like going to war with 3 bullets
  5. Ideally, you should pay nothing. No capital contribution indicates strong firm with profitable traders. If you get hired by Goldman Sachs, how much do you think they will ask?

    The more you have to put up, the weaker the firm.

    Training is something I would avoid. I believe so many newbies fall for this gimmick.

    What they teach you most likely will not generate profits. Just commissions.

    That said, training per se isn't worthless. I found that I could make the strategies work by tweaking the shit out of it.

    Brutal truths. Telling you otherwise would be disservice b/c I would be lying to you.

    Have a nice profitable day.
  6. hitnrun


    unless you have a profitable track record most firms will not let you trade on there dime.

    trading firms run a business. not a charity as some may think.

    Your better off receiving your 95 % payout & put up risk capital.

    You should have skin in the game if your a experienced trader.

    If your a new trader. then buyer beware with most prop firms these days.

    most prop firms will allow a trader to start with 5 k. all negotiable.

    You should have a cushion to trade with to absorb any losses.
  7. BigZ67


    I couldn't agree more. However I do feel training can be great, if you get into something that pays a good base salary/bonus while you're training. Places that want you to come in and train for 3 months for free are a joke.

    In terms up up front capital, it all depends on your track record as a prop trader and if you have experience. If you're a 100k/month type of trader firms won't require you to put up capital. A number of firms will give you substantially better split though if you put up something like 250k in equity.