Minimum Account for IB?

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    Did they change the minimum to open an account to $2000 from $10,000 or am I looking at the wrong thing? I cannot find info about minimum balance to open an account anywhere else on the site.

    Market Data Subscription Minimum Equity Balance Requirements
    The following minimums are required to subscribe to market data and research subscriptions for new accounts.*

    Category Equity for Qualification Requirement

    Individual Accounts (unless listed below) USD 2,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
    Financial Advisor USD 500 (or non-USD equivalent)
    Friends and Family Advisor USD 200 (or non-USD equivalent)
    Introducing Broker Clients USD 200 (or non-USD equivalent)
    Indian residents 2 trading with an IB India account USD 500 (or non-USD equivalent)
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    • $10,000 USD minimum to open account.
    • $2,000 USD minimum to trade.
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    Ok thanks. I don't know why they don't make it more clear on the site. Not even in the faq has that info.
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    Honestly speaking, IB has tons of info in the web.
    Just that at times, it may be difficult to hunt for it.
  4. Unless you are an Indian residence. IB has lower requirements for customers in India.
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    These are the minimum to subscribe to market data like realtime quotes and also research news. To trade, you still need $10K:

    Required Minimums
    Open an Individual account with as little as USD 10,000 or USD equivalent. For complete details about required minimums, see our Required Minimums page.

    They used to list the minimum account balance for trading in the "Required Minimum" page but now they just list the required minimums for market data subscription. They used to have a lower required minimum of just $2K for trading for students as well. Now this information is nowhere to be found. I agree it's very difficult to find information on IB's website. They change it all the time and you either find conflicting information or dead links.
  6. It looks the 10K to trade has been removed as well. Just 2K to subscribe for market data and 500 to keep market data. It comes down to whether or not you'll do more than $10 commission a month.
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    Wish IB would be more consistent with what they put on the web.
  8. It is clear that the minimums are not refer to individual accounts.
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