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    if I am currently trading 5 ES mini contracts... if I manage to profit enough to purchase another 3 ES mini contracts.... so now I can afford to buy 8 mini contracts, at what point should I consider moving on to full S&P future contracts?

    also, 1 full futures contract is equal to how many mini futures contracts?
  2. It's equal to 5 mini contracts, but it only trades on globex from 5:00p to 8:15a (CT). Do you really want to trade the pit contract?
  3. 5 to 1 if I recall.

    Why do you want to move ?

    ES can handle quite a bit of size before you start affecting it.
  4. The dollar volume of the ES dwarfs the pit already... at least 5:1, and on some days, 10:1. Most of the big boys have moved from the pit to the ES... for instant fills and less slippage cost.

    The "need" for the pit traded contract is becoming more marginal all the time... perhaps it's on the way to extinction?
  5. Pekelo


    Is there a cost advantage of trading the big contract? Or does it cost 5 times as much as the mini?
  6. There is usually greater commission in 5 ES vs. 1 Big contract. However, there is usually more slippage in the big contract on market orders such that the total cost to execute is higher with the big contract.
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    has anyone ever traded over 100 ES contracts? how is the slippage?
  8. Does your trading platform have DOM?

    You can usually trade 100 during RTH with no slippage.. sometimes 1 tic.
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    I'm a little confused with how DOM works...
    I have IB, does it have DOM?

    if you tell me how trading using DOM would be an advantage as to minimizing slippage. Am I pretty much putting a limit price if I use the DOM?
  10. You can trade up to 350 Es without a major slippage.

    So, volume is not an issue, unless you want to place 1000 contracts orders.
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