Mini Sized Dow YM Advantages

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  1. We get asked this question a lot on our futures trading site “Why do you guys favor trading the Dow E-mini YM contract as opposed to the S&P or Russel?” There are a few great reasons why we suggest traders start out by focusing on the Dow E-Mini YM:CBOT

    1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM) is the most widely watched index of large-cap US stocks followed by the S&P 500 (ES). It is considered to be a bellwether for the US economy.

    2. Less slippage. If you get a bad fill on the YM it will only cost you $5/per contract. A bad fill on the ES will cost you $12.50 per contract. This is the equivalent of your broker calling telling you hes charging you an additional $7.50 per market trade. The smaller tick increments give you more places to place buy/sell orders. This is a grand advantage over trading the E-mini S&P ES and will save you a lot of money over the span of your career. By trading the YM mini-sized Dow, a trader is essentially shrinking the spread.

    3. Margin requirements are less on the YM, giving you more leverage

    4. The ES/ER/AB tend to be overly volatile at times. Sudden ramps that pierce through stops are not uncommon. Newer traders can not handle this action.

    5. Often times the ES can be used as a leading indicator to foreshadow moves in the YM. We take advantage of this in our trigger system to increase our odds.

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