Mini Russell trading notes 12/05/05

Discussion in 'Trading' started by phillyflipper, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. These notes were made last night. I will post notes the previous night for your feed back. I solely use market profile for my info

    690.00 is the top of Friday's value, if this acts as support then can trade
    up to 691.60 which is the top of the 5 day bracket. If it can not get
    above692.00 then may trade back down through 690.00 down to 686.40. If
    686.40 breaks down the next stop is 682.00 and then 677.50

    If we trade above 692.00 then we can break out to new highs 700.00 area or
    higher no one knows.
  2. gekko


    Hey flipper,

    What kind of stops do you use when you enter your trades? Looking forward reading your notes in the future.