mini Russell on ICE...getting hurt or the same?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. anyone trading the mini Russell on the just came available on my platform to trade...problems, good?...what have you seen?looks like good volume 328K and 281k last couple days
  2. i'd say it's pretty similar to the old one
  3. lindq


    Be careful. It jumps like a jackrabbit right now. Big spikes.
  4. thanks...I actually had "forgotten" about it since it went to ICE...but then last night it appeared on my trading platform to trade...hmmm...the bid/ask spread seem like normal and the volume was high last thurs/fri as I gotta love the "bang per buck" per 1 contract on the mini Russell as compared to ES or YM
  5. I was a huge fan of the ER2. The TF is slow and choppy right now. A few weeks ago my traders and I made the switch to the ES. The volume has been awesome, with very predictable moves.

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    Chris Dunn
  6. Sure.... if it gets slow we'll go somewhere else.
  7. Chris...did I see you are starting a prop firm???..more details?
  8. Not a prop firm in the traditional sense. That business model doesn't really work for e-minis. There's just no need...

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    Chris Dunn
  9. I could bring $10 million to the table tonight (kids monopoly money though :p )having fun...hey best trading to you chris!
  10. LOL... do they do wire transfers for Monopoly money?

    Thanks, you too!
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