Mini Russell 20 Day Profile

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by phillyflipper, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. the 20 day profile shows the ascent of the Russell over the last 20 days. You can notice that as we came up you can see where
    the battles for control took place by the longer lines of abc's.

    you notice the first battle occured at 653-654
    next battle 666--667
    next struggle was 676-677
    and now 684-685
    If we can stay above 685 the longs have control and below 685
    the shorts are in control

    does anyone notice a pattern here?? Approximately every 10 pts
    we had a battle. Next battle ground 695 if longs have control
    and 677 area if shorts have control
  2. the 15 day profile shows the battle that may be decided this week or maybe tomorrow. There is a ledge at 683.20
    We know from the 20 day profile that 685.00 may provide resistance to the upside now we see a ledge at 683.20. If we can't get and stay above 685.00 then maybe we can get pushed off the ledge at 683.20

    Just a thought