mini Russel (ER2) history for TS2000i

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  1. Russell 2000 Emini wasn't available when 2000i came out. You have to use Add New from the insert symbol menu. Then use future for the category and AB #F for the symbol. Here is what it looks like when you've typed correctly. Remember, it's not available from the dictionary.
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  2. thanks a lot to Sundance86 and 40yotrader! :)

    I was looking for it in symbol dictionary, here was a key.

    Now downloaded data since 1 july 2005. But can't open the chart, it's says " No data available for the selected date range " :(
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  3. Remember to use today as the last date when you setup the chart. Then plug in like 50 days for days back to include all the data.
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  4. 40yotrader,

    thank you once again, you are very helpful.

    My last date was 5 august 1:53 AM )) That is my PC time and date now ))
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  5. chuck6923


    i am used to intellicharts and have always traded FX. however i am now working at a mutual fund shop and wanted to know if there was a free equity real time charting package out there that i can run tech analysis on.

    or if anyone is generous enough to shoot me their e signal logon???

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