MINI! OPTIONS next week. ie SPY7, AAPL7 etc..

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  1. Will be interesting to see how these fractional 1/10th contracts will trade.

    So SPY7 will = 10 shares.

    They will not quote in penny increments though.

    They launch March 18 and will be available on select brokerage firms for trading.
  2. mini SPY? I need the mega SPY to save on commissions. I currently have on a 100 contract SPX IC. That would be equivalent to a 10000 contract mini SPY IC.
  3. lol looks like CBOE is finding new ways to churnn extra centsss
  4. Are any of u thinking, ok, now baby investors are playing with options, this should translate into a killing for us?
  5. There was some post saying that spy with 1000 shares contrct was going to be launched. Any news about that? Thanks
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    said the black pot.
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    I think these ORF fees option exchanges are charging are even more of a racket then mini options. So are these retail customers going to get 1/10 the commission rate? I also hear the ISE is opening another exchange. So what is the total going to be 12 exchanges.
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