Mini Nasdaq Has Changed The Tick Value

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Lorenzo, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    0.25 INSTEAD OF 0.50

    1 POINT ALWAYS 20 $

    0.25 = 5 $

  2. Lorenzo


  3. that is great for the scalper and his fills............
  4. while we are on the subject, why are listed stock options trade at 0.05 increments? they should take it down to 0.01, imo -- specially for the low priced options, 0.05 increment seems way too high.
  5. agreed for stocks priced at $20 and below, no q. it is a rip-off
  6. The change to quater-tick increments was a bad idea. Now we have even lower volume since the product is now less attractive to trade. Do they have a bunch of monkeys working at the CME?
  7. MTE


    The industry is moving towards that, but some argue that going to pennies would squeeze market makers even further, which would eventually negatively affect the final user, retail traders.

    Still, I have no doubt we are going to pennies.