mini Gold futures-useless?...anyone trade it?

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  1. is this useless?does anyone on the planet trade it?
  2. I've traded them for years, love them and think they're excellent 'bang for the buck.'

    Not super-liquid after hours (can have wide spreads) but they give some superb action on occasion.

  3. you can also make some easy money doing
    arb sometimes in the mini's YG + YI ( oops ... let the cat out of the bag )

  4. wow...great may be a better approach then the larger contrracts...daytrade margin $450 and overnight $1,250...hmmm...anymore comments?
  5. Exactly-- margins are excellent and liquidity is good during our U.S. session.

    I love them. Just remember the spreads can be pretty wide after hours.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  6. also watch out for the ( hidden ) stops

    ( i.e. todays overnight lows )

    actually the slippage was not "terrible" ( $1-$3 )
    compared to some fat finger nonsense
    over the yrs

  7. I don't like the fills, otherwise, I guess they could be good and I always wanted to trade them consistently.

    But the slippage on some of those fills just killed that idea. :eek:
  8. If you can't comfortably margin a 1-lot of the 100-ounce contract, you shouldn't trade the mini-gold at all.
  9. Subdude


    IMHO, minis are the ONLY way to go in a $10K acct.
  10. Done 777

    Done 777

    How wide spreads? maybe oanda is better? Oanda has super liquidity after hours.

    How long trader waits for open one mini-contract?
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