Mini Flash Crash in Treasuries

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Dogfish, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Dogfish


    THAT was special, spread to euro and gold too
  2. Do we call any fast drop a flash crash now? Anyway, I heard somebody sold 80k 10yr notes which caused it. I expect bonds to pull back up now as they have been doing for 30minutes.

    edit- guess i could be wrong on bonds keep going up. good thing you aren't forced to trade your ideas.
  3. Bob111


    flash crash is where the bids are literally withdrawn,no liquidity on buy side accompanied by huge spread between bid and ask.. that would be a flash crash by my definition. fast drop-not qualify
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    In a market like this, a 3 point ES drop is a crash. :)
  5. What do you use to detect flash crashes in realtime?
  6. Dogfish


    I faded the March, fortunately it ran out of steam, but having watched tnote dom for 10yrs all day long that was quite a special move 5s 10s and 30s on both March and June, even if it was started by Bernanke or the H&S or whatever it got a robot going overkill, interesting to watch. Bet it woke up Bart the tnote quote squawk. :D
  7. mgrund


    Bunds didnt even move 5 ticks on the back of the t-notes,just goes to show how uncorellated the 2 markets are- either that or there are no Locals actively scalping the bunds anymore,just positioning trading looking for 5 or more ticks.
  8. Dogfish


    Tell me about it, the IQ of bund has plumetted, give the machines 15mins to work it out and it might eventually move, might as well do it over the phone these days. Once overly basic machines control the volume its like trading against retards, or the ill informed people that program them, bide your time and widen your stop, the "special" children now dominate the market but it does get there eventually
  9. mgrund


    Exactly,thats my point entirely.The days of shelling out for TT or CQG trader is a total waste of cash ( Desk fee) when can spreadbet.I have tracked one of the Spreadbetting firms prices compared to the actaully feed I get on my TT platform.

    The latency from the TT price to my spreadbet platform is 3 ms.Needless to say I have cancelled my TT licence and have given notice to my firm.I will be saving approxamately £2500 ( a new BMW 5 series every year ) a month by having a 3ms delay from the TT-feed as well as the commisions on my positions.As scalping is no longer an issue ( I now position trade the EUREX and look for at least 8 ticks on a trade) 3 ms is not an issue to me.