Mini Dow vs. Mini S&P

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If you had to pick one to trade exclusively would it be the Dow Mini or the S&P Mini?

  1. Dow Mini

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  2. S&P Mini

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  1. If you had to pick one of these to trade exclusively, which would it be?
  2. NCYankee


    The mini Nasdaq :p
  3. mini Russell :D
  4. Biog


    Mini S&P for the volume. If you are trading just a few contracts, then it doesn't matter.
  5. ES or YM? Have to be the ES for the liquidity.
  6. jolor


  7. The YM cause everybody trades the ES.
  8. ===============
    Dont call me a heretic but chicago BOT has better trader education, free,;
    like the tick size of YM, NQ, as many do.

    Since I am not a scalper, tick size isnt first consideration;
    like intraday charts , ES:cool:

  9. But CBOT makes you sign up for every single video we watch on their site. They make us go through the whole process of name, addres, telephone, blah, blah, blah. CME doesn't. CME just says "heres your training video's and learn lots".
  10. That's why ES is better to trade, because EVERYBODY trades it. More people means more liquidity, more movement.

    They are both the same.
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