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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Chitown, Jul 24, 2003.

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    Hello, I am new to the site. I am looking to get a job at a Prop Shop here in Chicago. I have been using the Dow Simulators from the cbot website. Trading the Mini I have been consistently making around $175/day. Now, I know it is play money so there is less risk on the emotional side, but I have traded my strategy and stuck to it exactly how I would if I was using real money. My question is, how am I doing profit wise and I am making about 35 trades a day. Is the Simulator close to real world dow futures trading?

  2. 35 trades a day making $175 means $5/trade. That's not that good, especially if you haven't yet factored in commissions.
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    the $175 is NET. The simulator doesn't figure in commissions but I am using $2 round trip.
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    35 trades, $175 net, ~$250 gross. so that's what...about 1.5 pts a trade? personally i believe virtually every tick can be profitably shorted or longed, but man oh man is that ever a hard way to make money!
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    OK then, what would be considered a decent profit for a new trader. With the 175 a day, you are looking at grossing $42,000. What should a new trader be making?
  6. By your s/n I'm assuming you're in Chicago. Where abouts in Chitown are you? I'm in the NW burbs'

    To be totally honest, $175/day isn't that great considering you're making 35 trades. I think $400/day would be pretty good.

    For now, you might just want to focus on exactly how many YM Points you are making and leave the dollar figure alone since you can always adjust size to get better dollar figures.

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    I live in Chicago on the North Side (SOX FAN THOUGH).

    I don't understand though, $400/day figures to be in the 90s. That seems like an awful lot of money for a first year trader to make.
  8. It's all in your head. $90K is really not that much. If I ever switched to trading full-time, I'd want at least $200K

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    Sorry but that sounds like BS to me. I would love to make $200K but lets talk realistically. $90K is a lot of money, especially for a NEW trader in a PROP FIRM.
  10. When it comes to money, it's all relative :cool:

    -FastTrader :)
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