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  1. I'm interested in trading mini-sized Dow futures (YM, $5/point) and I've noticed that that volumes totally suck. Does anybody have experience with getting filled on these contracts. I'm interested in trading sizes between 20 and 100 contracts. Is it hard to get filled on these contracts? Is it possible to scalp this size? Are there market makers out there to show some size? Thanks.
  2. you must be a shooter ... doing 10 - 50 K of DIA then

    maybe your best bet is to become a MM yourself or a member of the CBOT and trade those 20 - 100 contracts
    next to the dow pit

    good luck man ...

    there can be good volume going by the way but only at key price levels ... the spread is tighter than it used to be in the $5 mini
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    The volume on the Mini Dow places it easily in the top 1/2 of all contracts listed. That said, you are not going to be able to scalp with 20 to 100 stuff, 100 is a challange in the NQ, its probably years away in the YM. If you want to trade the DOWs, your best off doing it with 1 to 5 lots, maybe up to 10 in the morning and into the close. I like to trade it on occassion when the Relative Strength is ok for doing so.

  4. What kind of size do MMs show on the YM during the first hour 9:30-10:30?
    Also, is the contract 24 hours?
  5. josbarr


    8:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Vol 8300 as of now 10:40 am CST
  6. I have used the CBOT mini-dow trading simulator. Best simulator in the market. It is real-time and only fiills you when the market has almost traded through your price. This should give you an idea of the liquidity. If you can make $$ in the simulator, you will make $$ trading live.
  7. Not too much, 10 to 20 maybe.
    But you can trade the same way -if you want- as markets makers do. :D
  8. You guys think it is possible to move markets with big size on mini dow futures???

    I mean, if you scaled in 1000 lots, you could kill traders out there.

    What you guys think?
  9. Or maybe MMs, would fill you and hedge with the biggies...maybe that wouldn't work so well.
  10. If you were trading 20 to 100 contracts of anything you would not be asking these kind of questions. We would be asking you questions.
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