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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by roncer, Apr 17, 2004.

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    Where can I find rock bottom fees for the YMs??


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    Commissions, you mean? (Fees are charged by the exchange and NFA and don't vary except for exchange members.) You'll be hard pressed to beat FfastTrade.
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    I currently pay 4.12 a round trip with IB and would definitly like to do better as I often trade 40-50 contracts per day. To me this is not a good rate when you factor in that you are trading at $5.00 per point. Electronicly we can now trade like pit scalpers but the commissions that we are charged is the killer.

  5. Well, yes and no. The point moves should be more with YM. But I see your point. Actually there is a way to evaluate this mathematically, but I am too lazy. Someone could probably post the commission correlation, if were lucky.

    Michael B.

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    I use to trade full size S&P contract in the 1980s at around $25 a

    RT. The contract value was $500 a point. Now to trade the

    equivalent amont in e-minis would be 10 contracts at about a $48

    commission cost. So now we are electroically fast with practically

    no slippage but the brokers are taking almost twice as much in

    commission and I believe a lot of traders think the rates are

    better now.

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    you can choosed the unbundled fee which would be 1.92 per side (including all exchange fees) < 1000 contracts.
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    Is that with IB? Does it apply for both e-mini and Dow mini (YM)?

    And that is 1000 per month?

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    that is with IB. ES would be 2.27 including fees for beteen 300 and 1000 contract per month. The fee sliding scale fee schedule is on the IB web site.
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    Many Thanks,

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