mini Corn, mini Wheat, mini Soybeans-easy to practice on an hold overnight?

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  1. mini Corn, mini Wheat, mini Soybeans-easy to practice on an hold overnight?...anyone trade any of these? overnight even seems easy not just daytrading them? 1 point in large Corn is $50...1 point in mini Corn is $10...hmmm...please share your thoughts...yes, yes...I know small volume but do not need huge volume if wanting to only trade 1-4 contracts before going to big contract...thoughts?
  2. mini Corn volume 4,000 and .16 range

    mini Soybeans volume 2,790 and .30 range

    mini Wheat volume 580 and .25 range can note, some good practice space available to trade the mini Corn or mini Soybeans...probably not Wheat...and you can hold overnight...for very, very small margin

    again...$10 per point and large Corn is $50 per point...grat practice contract to practice trading on but still use real $
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    They are good for scaling position size, if you do not want to hold the full contract in multiples. Just remember, limit moves are common, so keep plenty of cash in the account. Grains are historically high at this point, so future direction is very uncertain, imo. As far as seasonality, speak to some of the pros around this site as I rely on charts only and can't help you.
  4. the thing I am thinking about is it would be a good contract for me to "get my feet wet" holding a position overnight and clicking into the overnight margin...never done that before...
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    That is fine, just make allowances for the volatility you will encounter, because at these levels it is a given.
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    These have gotten alot more liquid over the last couple years but will still give you some nasty stop outs overnight if someone decides to sell a 10 lot at the market.