mini corn, mini soybeans, mini wheat

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  1. I am SIM trading these...pretty interesting...very low margins to daytrade and hold overnight...any experience trading these?
  2. They're good...thin as all fuck though...
    hard to get in and out...
    hopefully it improves because I think they're good for long term accumulation...
  3. 1) Increase the size of your trading account...NOW!
    2) If you can't comfortably margin a 5000-bushel lot of grain, then don't waste your time with those mini-grains. :cool:
  4. TraDaToR


    1/2 the exchange fees for 1/5 of the size... Decrease your interest for those NOW.
  5. you guys are right on...current initial and maintenance margins for corn...



    right on cats...:D
  6. toddk63


    Large spreads compared to the ZC, ZS, etc...

    I traded them a few times while learning small. Glad I can afford a full ZC/ZS now. Much tighter.

    Todd K.
  7. I am able to get in and out of mini corn with ease and it is a great place to learn. If that is what your comfortable with why not risk less while you figure it all out.

    Plenty of people post silly remarks about liquidity but in my world that has never been an issue. If you have good entry and exit points you get quick fills.
  8. Yes it is very amusing how most on ET will talk about proper liquidity when most of them won't do more than a 1 lot anyway.

    Proper liquidity is only important if you do size, remember that.

    Also the minis are arbed by locals in the standard contracts. If there is an arb opportunity in either of the contracts the locals will sniff out the edges so there will always be liquidity and the contracts will always be priced fairly close to each other.
  9. thanks...great reply
  10. wow youngtrader...have not seen you post in a long time...what are you currently trading? AG's? AG spreads? 30 yr, 10 yr? to you...
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