mini Corn, mini Soybeans, mini Wheat..a joke cause no volume???

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  1. mini Corn, mini Soybeans, mini Wheat..a joke cause no volume???..please does anyone trade these with NO volume and bid/ask spreads as wide as the grand canyon?...please help!!
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    Do yourself a favor and don't trade them... You'll just be giving your money away
  3. Sorry, the casino's open but the gamblers have no mo' money to play.
  4. 2K for the big corn contract? I'm just suprised minis haven't failed yet...the most it takes on the "bigs" is $4725 for beans. Its not like this is the SP, where big goes for 30K. Heck even mini crude and natty are a joke imo.
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    More of a hedge mechanism for smaller producers. Not all farmers want to take 5k bushel shots at the market and the minis come in handy for them.
  6. Increasenow,

    Weren't you short ZC at 315, I bet you wish you were holding a mini corn right now (ZC at 330), if you haven't bailed already. :)
  7. I bailed on that for a small is todays results:

    today's futures trading results...all were 1 contract trades only:

    Corn $75
    Wheat -$212
    Soybeans $587
    Sugar -$44
    Coffee $206
    mini Gold $89
    Cocoa $400
  8. Not really...I don't know of a single grain elevator that won't let you forward contract a smaller size. You don't even have to keep it in even 1000 bushel lots if you don't want to....also...doesn't take very much corn to yield 5K bushels...I honestly doubt many if ANY farmers use the mini contracts. As a trader with a farm on the side....I know I do not.
  9. Increasenow ...... You have to much on your plate. Reduce your focus.

  10. Very nice!!
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