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  1. Can mini contracts be traded on IB? Also does anyone know if there are mini coffee, sugar and cotton contracts? Thanks.
  2. Yes, the mini grains can be traded, but there's no liquidity at all really.

    There are no mini contracts for cocoa, coffee, and the rest--they JUST (as of 2 weeks ago) got an electronic contract for most of these, and the volume is pretty thin there too.
  3. I was trying to add YC to a watch window and IB wont let me select the month...

    Visiting the products section of their website, YC is not listed as a product. Neither is mini wheat or soybeans...

    Any suggestions???
  4. I don't see them listed on the website any more. Maybe when the full-sized contracts went electronic, they got rid of the minis?

    That being said, a whopping 45 contracts traded all day on Friday, and only in the pit.
  5. Where are you getting your figures from (trading volume)
  6. Nevermind, I realize you were looking at mini wheat. I was looking at corn and soybeans.
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    Hi, could someone please explain me about tick size.
    How big or little, is tick size in Ag commodities in CBOT? Example for corn, is it one point, or it is .25 change of value?
    I am really confused. Thanks for answers. :)
  8. through the contract specifications.
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    why would you even want to speculate with those mini contracts....they were basically designed for hedgers that need to hedge odd lot bushels sizes. Unless your trying to take on that risk and do some arbing between the full size contract and options.
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    nazzdack, I have read cbot page already. I know how much is one tick in $, but I can't figure out how much is one tick in futures value. May be someone can explain. For example, CORN December OPEN price was 353,4 ; Close price 358. So how much ticks there are?
    Nooby questions, but all life I have traded stocks. :) Thanks and good luck in trading.
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