mini contrarian gold call

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by killATwill, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. nice entry point to go long and strong on gold and related shares. GG locks like a nice trade up to about 26 from here (30%) gain in a bout a week or two.

    today's action was a convincing shake out, imho...we will see...
  2. keep your eye on spot gold / gold futures ..

    if $500 is cracked again to the upside

    most gold miners should do well

    but if the precious metal starts to crack

    and trend lower like crude oil did
    after $70-72

    your precious metal longs will most likely

    continue any downmove
  3. AK100


    I can't believe it, someone is actually forecasting gold or gold shares to go higher!

    This is very strange as 95% of the market (including all the gold bulls) love nothing more than to call tops, tops, tops......

    For those of you holding gold/gold shares for the long term, if/when the market sentiment shifts and almost nobody dares to call a top that's you big signal to get aggressive with liquidations.
  4. I am not one of those "die hard" gold bugs

    but I rarely see them call a top !

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    speaking of overnight gold - what a nice pop going on at the moment - i have a question about the main gold market during the european morning hours - i am guessing it's the london bullion fixing process - also i guess the DGCX may become important... - or is there some sort of another inter-institution market... - i just wanted to know what is the main basis for the quotes on the ZG ecbot new electronic full size contract during these hours? i presume they are arbing off one of these markets - would appreciate any info.
  6. sweet schwingaling...this has been a decent trade so far today, and i think it has staying power for more days to come.
  7. wow, price action is stronger than i thought. patentently bullish...good chance we have a melt up from here in the gold stocks.
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    Don't you guys read Hulbert's stuff?!? Oh never mind.
  9. saw where ... oh, nevermind.