Miner makes $200k per year

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    Not to mention dying from black lung.

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    typical white trash\low iq selfish egoistic approach...i won't feel sorry,if he got buried down there one day..married with kids,trying to raise a decent family,so the kids don't have to do this s**t-that would be another story
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    It's funny to see how people would react to this article with jealousy, anger, hopeful optimism and what not.

    As an Aussie, I can tell you this is a very misleading article, just like the many that have already been written out there. Mining only hires about 2% of total workforce in Aus, compared to manufacturing and building, which take 8% each. You can only get into mining if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. That occured when the mining boom started. After that, it's just a mate gets another mate in type of hiring. If you don't know anyone who's already in, then chances are you won't get in. Having just a mining degree or cert won't cut it.

    Btw, conspicuous consumption is not only a bogan characteristic. Most of my peers have no savings any way. If SHTF, like a huge property melt down followed by massive unemployment, a lot of folks are going to be in deep trouble.
  4. It'll be like Miami and Vegas circa 2007 all over again. From bogan to boom to bust in one generation.
  5. Man, I bet he gets the choicest prime honeys in the outback. I wouldn't mind being broke on a 200k salary if I had the same.
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    Fortunately here in the States we can vote ourselves money from other people's pockets. :p
  7. HELL YES! That's waaayyyy better than working. And look at all the free time you have...not needing to "waste time going to your job every day".

  8. Yeah, I bet you're right! So...which one of these native austrailians would you pick as your first choice? (yes they are all women) :p

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    s****t.. fugly..:p

    south africa natives are way to go!

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