Mindfulness Training: Traders required for pan-European research study

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    I have been contacted by the Open University xDelia Project (www.xdelia.org). xDelia is a consortium of European universities researching the impact of emotions on trading profitability.

    They are looking for traders to take part in a new study they are running (which sounds quite fascinating), so I thought I would pass on the info in case anyone here is interested in taking part.

    The consortium has completed a training programme that is designed to teach traders how to better manage their emotions. They are now working to further develop the course and are looking for traders who can commit to spending 15mins a day, 7 days a week over a 4 week period completing a series of 'Mindfulness' exercises.

    There is more info below. If interested contact Dr Gareth Davies directly on the email below.

    xDelia Mindful Trader Training:

    I am in the process of trying to recruit people to take part in an online training programme (xDelia Mindful Trader Training).

    It will be free to take part in the training and it will aim will to teach traders how to better manage their emotions whilst trading.

    The training uses an established attention training called mindfulness. Mindfulness is a powerful method to learn emotion regulation and draws on long philosophical and religious traditions. A growing body of neuroscientific evidence indicates that it is very effective in alleviating stress, dealing with anxiety and depression, and is associated with changes in the brain relevant to decision-making.

    In addition to the benefits of the training we also promise to provide personalised feedback immediately after completing the 4 weeks training. In return for gaining access to the training, we will ask participants to complete a pre- and post-training measurement. Also some of those who take part will have to undergo a 4 week waiting period between the point at which they complete their pre-training measurement and the point at which they start their mindfulness training. This is essential for our research but it will not affect the quality of the training participants will receive.

    The training will be carried out fully online and will run throughout October, November and December 2012. If you know anyone who might be interested in taking part or advertising the training programme please feel free to forward the attached flyer.

    We are keen to further develop this course and would like to offer you the unique opportunity to undertake this training for free.

    If you are interested in taking part please send an email to xDelia@open.ac.uk explaining which date you would be able to take part.

    Dr Gareth Davies
    Research Associate - Financial Decision-Making
    Centre for Human Resource & Change Management
    The Open University Business School
    Walton Hall
    Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
    United Kingdom
  2. FYI

    You can look at the graphic output of using such devices that were very popular many years ago. They were posted on ET.

    It is interesting to see that a new generation is taking another lap on historical work that covered the same turf.
  3. I've been meditating on my own for 3 years. I never understood what the deal with TM was... What on earth would you get from paying $2,500 for a course in TM? I'm not saying you did but it just seems like all you are getting is a mantra for your personal use. If you can help clarify the crux of TM vs just sitting and quieting your mind which is what I do I would really appreciate it. I'm always looking to improve my technique, maybe a mantra would help.. just not one for 2k :)

    edit: I see from the tm.org website it is now down to $1,500 with payment terms... my bad!
  4. I didn't I paid $25 from a person that left TM because of the ridiculous fees they charged, it basically the exact same thing for a lot less money http://www.natural-stress-relief.com/stress/mantra-meditation.htm
  5. I prefer NSR over Mindfulness because I don't have 80 minutes a day to practice Mindfulness.

    Sometimes I do NSR and sometimes I do hypnosis/NLP both work for me in different ways.
  6. I'll check that out. Good video about mindfulness also. Thank you for posting these.
  7. Sure your welcome.
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