Mind Twisted Challenge

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  1. Twisted fun - agree?
    When yo figure it out - post the how - howbout?

    Click on the boy @ the lower right corner to get it going.

  2. I do not know how, but I suddenly have this craving for a 7 UP... no idea why.
  3. amazing.

    at least to me.

    and maybe to all the dumb people in life.

    one thing I figured out... the reason I come to Chit Chat.
  4. did anyone noticed the slogan at the end of the whole thing

    "invest wisely, spend on yourself"
  5. took the test 3 times...

    it keeps telling my I picked "9"

    and it's been wrong all 3 times..

  6. What number did you use to begin with? What number did you subtract from that? What digit did you circle (pick)?
  7. I did it once and the #2 was correct.
    Maybe a calculator would be helpful?

    Just went through the pages and the number i didn't pick was 8 - as I didn't pick a number so HTF did it choose a number??
    Now the whoooo part...
    In the last box with the free "life advice" is the statement:"Next time try more digits in your first number and I'll still get it!!!"

    Oh and this is fun: The ending saying was: EAT A GOOD SQUARE MEAL - BUY MORE THINGS IN BOXES.

    Hee hee square boxes ... hee hee. - gimme a freaking break.


  8. my 4 digit number was "7023"

    I scrambled it to be "0723" then subtracted it to get "6300"

    then I circled the "3".. and it tells me I picked "9"

    that was just one example... I tried it two other times before that (I forget what numbers I used) but it also told me I picked "9"

  9. I picked 5272
    scrambled to 2275 = 2997
    entered 997
    came up with the 2!

    I tried your 600 and it came up 3!
    Beats the hell out of me man why it didn't work for you. Chi is off?

    I say - UNCLE
  10. any 3 or 4 digit number rearranged, then subtracted from the original number will leave a number that is divisble by 9. When u type in yo number the comp just figures out what number is needed to make a factor of 9.
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