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  1. I find this list interesting:

    1. Stay uninformed. This website has News section.
    It is the most popular one. News is everywhere.
    The poison is being constantly sprayed.
    You don't need to know what's going on.
    Your body possesses an intelligence that is equipped
    to deal with any extreme situation when they arise.

    Knowing that the world is fucked does not improve
    the quality of YOUR life, the world has always been like that.
    You will not change it for better.
    Your life is very short, it's just a blink of an eye
    Why do you want to know what other people do.

    The internet is the biggest mind poisoning facility
    in the history of mankind.
    As useful as it might be, it is a never ending information overload.
    It's addictive and deceiving.

    2. Change your mind. If you have firmly
    set your mind on something, change it, reconsider.
    If they tell you this is what people do, you do the opposite
    and when everyone switches to what you did, you do the opposite again.

    3. Be selfish. Yes, that's right, demand what is yours.
    Satisfy yourself first so that you can be good to the others.
    Anything that has evolved through natural selection is selfish.
    You can never feel ready to truly help the others
    if your own circumstances are in dire straits.

    4. Love is four letter word. There is no bigger poison
    for the mind than the idea of love. So many people have been
    killed in the name of love thy neighbour.
    How can you love someone more than you love yourself.
    It's a complete dishonesty.
    Universal love and the welfare of the species as a
    whole are concepts that simply do not make evolutionary sense.
    Do not love, there is no point.
    It always fires back at you.
    Just avoid divisons.

    5. Discover things. Go out and discover things that you've never seen before.
    Do not look them up, do not try to look for their names.
    You give them names.
    While you keep discovering new things
    rediscover that you already know by trying to prove it wrong.
    Turn everything you know upside down.
    Do not listen to others nor talk to them about your new discoveries.

    6. Do not think, act. To think is to want.
    The more you want, the more you want.
    When making an important decision
    the best adviser is your gut feeling, not your brain.
    If you think it over, the moment is gone
    and your actions will be lagging behind time.
    Life never stops, you don't have time to think your action.
    Action your thoughts instead.

    7. Do not try to save the world. No one has given you
    or anyone else the mandate to save the world.
    In fact the world needs to saved from the saviours.
    Altruism is selfishness in disguise.

    8. The law is like a door on an empty field.
    Only the mad one will pass through it.

    9. Avoid friction. Just fly with the world.
    It's called Swarm Intelligence.

    10. Happiness is a con. The desire to be happy
    is exactly what makes you unhappy.
    You've been conditioned to seek permanent happiness
    without a single moment of unhappiness.
    You will never achieve that, never!
    It is what brings all the misery in the world.
    Life is dynamic, it never stops, it is alive
    How can you stop life from throwing new challenges at you,
    how can you swim happily and relaxed when there is a waterfall down the river?
    It defies logic and the laws of physics.

    You will never be happy, so why keep trying?
    Your efforts to be happy only cause misery to others.
    and vice versa, it's like a never ending battle
    Seeking happiness always leads to conflicts and aggression.
    Mind conflicts damage your bodily health.
    How can you be happy with an unhealthy body?

    source: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=214161
  2. 12. Do not try to communicate the truth, nor accept the truth.
    Everything is in motion. Truth is the motion.
    If you think you've captured it,
    it is no longer the truth.

    What is the truth for me is something
    that cannot be communicated to you.
    When you accept somebody else's words to be truthful
    it is only because they align with your current level of external knowledge.
    There is no point in trying to win an argument.

    The whole guru business is absolute nonsense.
    All those preachers of truth have found
    a very good little business for themselves.
    You pay for their leisurely life style.
    They are laughing all the way to bank
    while you get choked on their half baked 'truths'.

    14. Don't try to solve your problems. You may not realise it
    but if you don't have a problem, you will create one.
    It is a simple as that and yet we fail to see it that way.
    We keep looking for solutions. We feel proud when we find them.
    We hope that eventually all our problems will disappear.
    We try to solve all our problems and if that was not enough
    we look to solve the world problems
    once we learn to fly freely in space
    we will be solving the problems of the whole galaxy!
    Intergalactic climate change will be discussed.

    Because the mind loves to solve problems.
    It keeps itself busy and it keeps its momentum that way.
    No matter what you do, no matter how well financially you are
    your mind will find a way to complicate your life and create problems.

    The solutions are just bigger problems.
    The hardest thing in the world is
    to stand still and let things happen.

    -- the problem solving/creating is what women are esp. good at :D
  3. 16. You are unique. You are not special but you are unique
    Only ... you don't know it.
    You think you do but you don't
    A truly unique person does not think of himself as unique.
    That person does not compare himself with anybody
    As there is no need to compare.
    The unique person does not need to express himself
    through arts and literature.
    He does not stand out from the crowd.

    The society does not need your uniqueness, it hates it
    It is doing everything possible to suppress it
    It has created the model person to follow -
    Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ghandi or even David Icke.
    Celebrities ...

    By following of these models the society does not allow
    for nature to create unique individuals. It suffocates them
    under the layers of common culture.

    You will never become yourself if you follow another man.
    All the spiritual books you read
    the books that promise you the heavens
    the great musicians you admire
    the art that is supposed to be unique
    are taking you further away from what you really are.
    You become a cheap imitation of the 'guru' who wrote the book.

    Why not be yourself?
    You are far more unique than all gurus put together.
  4. you forgot to mention that life is full of contradicitions, especially the previous two posts
  5. Good1


    #16 is self-evidently full of contradictions. Unique = special. No need to go farther and build a house of cards on top of it (the contradiction that unique is not = special). Make up your mind. Play it (unique) up, or play it down. There is really no balance to be found...no neutral ground.

    Being unique is what human experience is all about. It's about being more than what is the same. So it's all about having more...all about being special. Now, suppose a man had as much money as is humanly possible. How can you have more? Well, in a quirky way, you can have more by having less. That would make you unique = special.

    The above paragraph describes what is going on universally, in a material world. Understand it well. The richest possible Being is that which is Good. The material world is all about having more than this Being by having less. Among those who have less, there are those with more, and those with less...all to establish each one as unique = special.

    In such a world, it's always going to be a competition to set some kind of world record in order to establish differences = unique = special. The sickest person in the world is unique = special in his/her own way. The most evil person in the world is unique = special in his/her own way.

    Now, until each one finally sees this model as problematic and no longer interesting, this will be each one's experience. Frankly, beware of those gurus who preach BE UNIQUE. They are wolves in sheeps clothing. Being special is what makes a material world attractive (tempting) but is also what makes it HELL.

    The only way to be exactly the same (equal) is to follow the advice of certain types of gurus...or figure out for yourself that you should only accept equality - REAL EQUALITY - as the only acceptable way to BE. This is only possible if everyone accepts the highest level of wealth, health, and well being. This is only possible if one only accepts the oneness that is all GOOD as Self.

    As a matter of fact, Jesus taught what was just mentioned in the above paragraph. The only way to be the SAME (equal) is to BE what he said he was. However, his message has been lost in translation, so i do not emphasize it. Virtually nothing anyone has every been taught about him is accurate, so it's really stupid to disregard his advice as if he was a guru who was trying to establish himself as unique. He was all about the opposite of unique, which is about being ONE. Those who secretly desire to be unique, have made him unique, in order to save themselves.

    Be well,
  6. you don't need to be special. If everybody was more like me the world would be a better place.
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    Yes, there's something to be said for uniformity. It's probably why the Amish try to establish uniformity. They may see it as reducing problems. But they, like the advice initially given in this thread, are trying to play both sides. To be human, to be a person, to be an angel, pretty much everything the Amish believe in is about preserving a sense of unique status. Finding this to be problematic, they have resorted to compromise measures, so every man wears his suspenders the same, ect. It's not a solution. Its a band-aide. The Amish use Jesus to save their sense of unique status, as do most everyone else who uses the name of Jesus. Again, this is exactly opposite what he taught. And as i've emphasized, the only way to be the same is to really be the SAME! The only way to achieve that is to Be the Being that is Good as Self. If that means being equal to the highest possible Being, so be it!

    Be well,

    BTW, my friend recently put his liquid cash into Vanguard Wellesley Income.
  8. ah shit man, we are now just selling that fund. That's why I'm glad I'm not a broker anymore. I don't like the responsibility.
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    Well i told him about averaging in. Last i heard he was going all in. Well, all in with liquid cash, which would be about 40% of total capital. There's a (slim?) chance he is not actually in. Are you guys pretty sure it's time to stay out or sell? Are you anticipating a fiscal cliff or sometin? If he's not all in, i'll tell him be careful.

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    On topic:

    I would estimate that most of psychological advice for people is about how to get along while holding contradictions in one's mind. This requires a set of mantras like the advice that initiates this thread. A set of mantras that help hold contradictions in mind, is, imo, not a way to clear one's mind of conflict/toxin. The most normal people among us are, imo, those that have found a set of mantras they can believe in...that help hold contradictions in mind, without being too obvious. I hold contradictions in mind, but look normal because i have found a set of mantras that deals with it. Its not my intention to hold those contradictions forever by blinding my mind. Rather, i prefer to find out the contradictions, be aware of them, and gradually root them out gently. This will eventually destroy my sense of person-hood, but who cares. I'd rather have a clear, detoxed mind. I am special. I am not special. Eventually, one of these will win out over the other on a permanent basis. And that is the end of person-hood.
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