Mind Control and Financial Armagedon by John Kutyn ex-banker now financial analyst

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  1. This was written on 1 May 1998.

    found presentation here :http://www.whatmatters.nu/wmeletters/wmeletters23.html

    Battle for Our Minds – Part One of a two Part E-letter about Mind Control and Liberation from it.

    "John Kutyn is the only financial analyst that I know of who has made the connection openly between mind control operations and the general compliance with a money system that is KNOWN to be horrendously unjust and skewed in favour of the small group of money masters that controls it. "

    “Our society is heading toward serfdom at a rapid clip. From the moron in charge to the morons all around me it’s obvious to me that the final stage has begun . We are, if nothing else, reaching a critical mass of sheer stupidity that is truly awe-inspiring to watch unfold . . . Stupidity and corruption reign unmolested everywhere in both the American and global economic sphere. The American stock investors have lost nearly 8 trillion dollars in value; yet, they still haven't figured out the game is rigged.” - Doug McIntosh, a financial analyst, in a recent article posted at the prestigious Gold-Eagle financial website, which attracts over half a million visits a month. Posted at www.gold-eagle.com/gold_digest_02/ mcintosh112502.html - HERE*. The article was sent me by Donald Stacey - dstacey@attbi.com*.

    direct link to John Kutyn's article

    "Mind Control and Financial Armageddon"
    "And the truth shall make you free"

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  3. this makes it obvious that mental illness extends to the written word, and is prevalent on message boards. seriously sad.

  4. Kathy O'Brian is the only known case of having escaped this program: it was by chance because she has been rescued by the guy who has programmed her. I have documents about taht but it's nearly unsustainable to read it because some names have being cited and you would better fasten your seat belt if you learn that. At least what is interesting is that she has been abused child before 5 years old and that Hitler has been already looking for those kind of childs for his mind control experiment and CIA just continues Hitler's work. And this perhaps explain why Dutroux the famous belgian pedophil man is so protected: the belgians do not understand why such a monster seems to be untouchable. I have the beginning of the answer: he is the guy who has furnished abused children not only to his country (Belgium) but also to Californie. The Prince of Belgium has also been himself accused by a journalist to having participate in this abuse of children and a trial has been set up , so what did this prince did he launched an international arrest order againt this journalist.

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  6. It's very kind to be preoccupied by my mental illness but that's not the purpose of my threads since I present materials from OTHERS. Why don't you speak of THEM huh? Are you afraid to be confronted to what is exposing ? And I remind you that some of those documents are OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. If you are not capable of reading them it means that your brain has already be undergoing the brainwash seriously indeed.

    Your lack of argument is simply laughable. Next time ask your parents to buy you a more sophisticated anti-conspiracy button huh ?

    I suggest that you read this particular paragraph of the interesting article from the psychologist doctor who says in BOLD:


    "In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and REALIZED OR BELIEVED that he had been brainwashed."

    DENIAL, DENIAL and DENIAL : that's your kind of argument, try to find something if you are capable of.

    PS.: just a question: do you also care about the mental illness of trader "Vic" ?

  7. maxpi


    People are getting dumber. The educational decline goes back measureably to the 1920's. Workers in the US are getting a steady decline in lifestyle as well, there are no Communists courting their loyalty anymore or organizing labor, the workers matter less. And think about this; you know how dumb the average person is, right? Half the people are dumber than that!!

    If you think about it, wives in the US largely work to pay the family tax bill, what with all the Great Society socialistic programs!!

    Harry, escape the trap!! Develope an automated trading system that pumps money to you every day via the ATM system, get a VW Bus and some really good weed and hook up with some hippy women, you won't regret it!! If you see another VDub like yours, and the driver returns the high sign, it's me buddy!! We can get together around the campfire and swap trading stories!!

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