Mind Control 101 – Trading cults in ET

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  1. ET is filled with want to be cult leaders who are filling newbie and even experienced trader’s heads with rubbish. These cult traders try to push their methods of trading as though they were a priest, minister or pastor with a profound gospel that sets their new “trading” church apart.

    Here is how they do it.

    1 Initiation vs. Instruction

    There is a marked difference between initiations versus instruction. Most traders can give instruction. This is nothing more than stating the facts. Any trader can do this well after a limited trading experience. Cult traders are a marked contrast. They cajole a trader and ask them “Where have you been. Don’t you understand….”

    Learning by initiation is about creating an experience that makes learning visceral, primitive or intuitive to the trader. The cult trader does this by telling him or her that trading must be done a certain way but holds back the majority of their knowledge on how to get there. When the trader asks a reasonable question they are told they are idiots or arse’s for asking such dumb questions. And if the just listen they will learn.

    Often cult traders incorporate their follower. They encourage their followers to “keep the others in line” while they spoon feed the cult following crumbs.

    2. Not Accessible because of their secret knowledge
    These ET cult traders are not accessible. By making themselves scarce or fending off questions they distance themselves from the trader masses. They present their knowledge as rare, expensive, mysterious and only for those who are truly ready for it.

    3. Trading from a “higher place”
    These cult traders do not want to be viewed as a mere average trader. They want to be seen as proving they come from a “higher place” than the most ET traders. They tell you all the knowledge about trading you learned to date is trash and only by reflecting on their knowledge will you be enlightened.

    4. They connect to traders by “Chunk up” methods
    These cult traders build a rapport with traders because it is vital to their methods. In every pattern of their response to a trader they always give the impressions that are always bigger than you. They feed on making the trader feel small and inconsequential because they have a vast trading knowledge the trader must suffer for. These cult traders supply tid-bits of knowledge to traders admonishing them of their ignorance.

    5. Always allude to the Mysterious
    These cult traders tell you listen to each line they write and grasp its hidden meaning. There is often little or no trading content to what they write. They try to mask their words by saying they can never divulge their “true” edge directly. But if you read between the lines you will discover their “secrets of trading” method. Their method is really a vapor that vanishes.

    6. Appeal to traders basic needs and wants
    These cult traders have developed a six sense of a new traders need to be fulfilled. They fill the basic needs of these traders by tossing out hope to lead them out of losses or to show then the magic stair way to understanding the markets. These cult traders feed on the newbie trader’s inability to control their trading.

    7. God Like Trading Confidence
    Cult traders portray a larger view of the trading world than the traders they write to. They show us a “god like” or “god complex” that encompasses all of the points above. They scream “I know” how to trade and you don’t. Every modest approach to a cult trader is repulsed by cannon shots to further set themselves apart as above and beyond reproach

    8. Often Leaning on Trading Greats
    There are no lines for the guru at the bottom of the hill. Trading gurus supplant classic trading concepts into their game of mystery. You are supplied with Spartan details about trading and told to use a classic method to see how real profits are made. Only the trader is not told how this classic method makes them a cent.

    If you are aware of mind control 101 from a trading guru on ET speak up. Let’s write about it. This is your chance to tell your fellow traders about your insights or experiences with trading cults on ET. If you think trading cults are not a problem ET say so.
  2. Recent quote from a cult trader with God like Confidence and secret knowledge:

    Are you trying to confuse people

    I don't "care", I KNOW!

    As I "know", I can afford to show others how much they do not know - can you understand this concept?

    By knowing how much you do not know, you then have a much better chance of knowing more - but you must be careful, as it is very easy to "think" that what you now "know" is better for your trading, when in fact it might be the worse thing ever.

    Mind Control 101 from cult leader above using high place and mysterious:

    It does not matter what people think, but what does matter is what they do! It is because THE answer is so simple that it is never discovered by the majority! If you trade you gamble. If you gamble, and you want to win, you must play smart and dismiss all the idiotic rubbish that is put forward by so called "experts".

    Always remember that there are no experts in the trading game - this is the first and last principle, and without fully understanding it you are doomed to follow in the footsteps of the ignorant and ill informed.

    I understand your frustrations, but believe me when I say it is for your own good, whether you know it or not! Forget it ALL - it is all rubbish.

    Mind Control 101 from cult leader using chunk up

    The internet is such a silly tool, and for some silly reason, a lot of people take it seriously. Do you honestly think that the "real" information of value will ever be released to the general public, and with idiots like our good friends here, and a few more, you can easily see that even if it was, it would make no difference. Looks like a total load of rubbish!

    You started off bad, then you started to think a little, got a little better, and then, at the first sign of idiotic behavior, you reverted to the "usual" way of thinking- you failed the first real test, but you can of course redeem yourself at any time, the choice is yours, always has been and always will be!

    If you are so brain dead, then go off and play with the other monkeys, as you can easily do as you see others do, but when you have to think a little you get all confused. Now, why don't you just up and swing out of here, you Chimpion.

    What the hell rubbish are you talking about. However, I doubt if the dim wit like you can understand anything of value - and as for using his brains, well, it is very "obvious" where they are situated. So you see, you have been an arsehole.
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    Profligic and jack Hershey fit the cult description perfectly. Jack making 3 times daily range and logic saying his methods are perfect. Just do a search on there posts. Quite telling
  4. And a search of your posts reveals you are a shill for Doug Allen. Quite telling.


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    nkhoi Moderator

    yes I like to come from a “higher place”.:D
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    Wrong. I think doug Allen is scamming with his ultra low payout to traders. Just because funded a few elite traders does not mean he does not have ulterior motifs. He would fit into cult too
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    anyone make it to Fiji and get funded?
  8. Can you explain what mind control you believe is going on?
  9. I'm also in the high ground. So let’s talk about the difference between me and a mind controller.

    I'm straight as possible in my replies and provide as much as I'm able to back my response. This contrasts with mind controllers who give tempting bits of information that screams “big profits” to "suck in" newbies. Where I tell them that is all I can provide without divulging my edge. The mind controller in contrast tells the newbie they are inept because they do not see how the bit of information they provided is known to every “real” trader. But, out of the generosity of their heart the mind controller will continue to patronize them with more tidbits of trading.

    How do you disseminate your knowledge?
  10. Well when you have 'moderators' taking the job only to delete posts critical of their Guru,things have gone too far anyway.These Trading Boards are money-making enterprises.Just keep that in mind? One thing I would say: If someone wants to hypnotise you,they will make you concentrate on something. If they want to do that in written form,they will encourage you to read s-l-o-w-l-y and repeatedly.They may also repost the text for reinforcement.
    (The desperation of the typical visitor to this site makes compliance very likely). This desperation and higher than normal psychological flaws in those desperate enough, in social terms, to try trading makes it likely that a higher proportion than the general populace will become controlled. A few will become religious in their admiration for the Guru and will do his bidding with great zeal.
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