Milton Friedman dies

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  1. May God grant you many rewards in heaven.

    Mr Friedman. you lived a long life here on earth.

    My condolences to the Family of a respected Icon in the Financial world.

    God bless you.

    Michael B.
  2. Wow!

    Chicago will miss you.

  3. Daal


    if nature is any fair samuelson should be gone soon, now THAT won't be a loss at all to the US
  4. Daal


    heck, if the world was any fair it would have took krugman away goddamit, talk about public service...
  5. Libertarians aren't exactly known for our devout theism.

    Science bless you, Dr. Friedman.
  6. zdreg


    the world will miss you for your efforts to explain the benefits of capitalism to everyone.
  7. God, probably, does not exist.
    Anytime I will see this kind of message from you, Mr "Moderator", this sign will show up. Totally unappropriate for a moderator. Stay neutral, please.
  8. Remember watching Friedman debating Samuelson during my
    college years at Ohio state. Samuelson had written the text we
    used, but Friedman was a more effective debater and generally
    more entertaining. Friedman one of the real economic giants.
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