Milpitas Mom makes $6,795./month

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  1. she's good looking which is why she's wasting her time selling crap on amazon. she could make more as a high-class hooker in the san francisco area. there are a lot of wealthy men who are bored of their 45 year old wives, and this chick could cash in on their unmet fantasies.

    LOL @ those comments on that page! with genuine feedback like that, how can you stop yourself from signing up!!
  2. TGregg


    Sounds great. Work a day and a half a week and rake in 6 digits a year! Woot! Unfortunately I do not have the desire to be wealthy so this sort of thing doesn't work for me, but you should immediately sign up. What could possibly go wrong?


    Once you are pulling in the big bucks, be sure to plow it into the markets to get 20% returns. LOL.
  3. Weird.

    WYHF is not News 13 and I can't find a bellflower way in CP.
  4. Spam ;) YOu guys realize that the location of the woman is the registration location of your IP address ;) I go on the page and it does not read "Milpitas Mom" ;)

    Scam page.
  5. This article really got my hope up, that's why I posted it here. But upon checking I discovered that lots of people has been complaining about the topic of this article.

    This article really got me going :(
  6. reads Sacramento Mom when I click the link.
  7. oh come on, all those positive feedback prove that it's legit!

    i'm gonna sign up for it :D
  8. TGregg


    Wow, let's see if I can handle this criticism like the pros.


    Those complainers are just that - complainers! They are losers! They do not have the strong drive to succeed, the will to win and the desire to be wealthy that is needed to really do well. They don't put in the time and hard work that is required. Instead of placing the blame of their failures on themselves, they blame the system. We have proof it really works! You've read the reviews, you've heard the testimony, you've listened to the success stories! You've got to want to be rich! This works, but not if you do not commit. So let me here you say "I commit!" What? Everybody!. . .Louder! . . . I can't hear you. . . . one more time! We're all gonna be rich, Rich, RICH!

    Say, I'm pretty good at this. I should go start my own downline and screw housewives and recently unemployed out of their nest eggs.