Millions of Americans took a look at their 401K's and screamed.

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  1. And headed to the polls like rats trying to get off a sinking ship, willing to stand for hours just to get their vote in. The markets would have never done will with 4 years of the unknown over its head, 4 years of a potential Palin presidency. I could just see the dow dropping 5-6% every time McCain sneezes.

    Americans woke up out of thier cold sweat, and even those religious fundies were willing to have a negro with a strange name for president, they casted for the negro while wearing the McCain T shirt.

    In the end only one color matters and that is the all mighty Green. Even god cannot compete with Greenbacks when your net value plummets 40-50-60%

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    Yep, I posted earlier about an anti-abortionist who told a reporter that she couldn't afford to be anti-abortion this year !! :eek:

    When money talks, the bullshit walks away. :D