Millions made, much of the world seen, what now?

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  1. Success brings it's days of melancholy. I can make a half million bucks a month now trading futures. I've got it down pat. Not selling anything or answering PMs on that from guys with various misspellings of Sean and Brandon etc. but just for context. (Just treat trading like you want to be a soloist at the Met young lads, work, no tricks)

    I do a respectable amount of charity and community work. I have a daughter, a young adult now who is completing her PhD.

    But I'm not adjusting to having no problems and no worries very well. The ultimate first world dilemma. I am finding things that don't actually matter to be concerned about, I can feel my brain digging and sifting for gold in a largely empty stream.

    I used to get seasonally affected depression but since moving to near the equator that is gone for years. To be honest the boom and bust was not so much of a problem as I understood the dark times would pass and I'd be fine for nine months. I'm fit enough, I get edgy when too exercised, that gym burn addiction tires me out.

    I've hardly had a conversation in years where I did not largely know how it would end. It is difficult to find really much more intelligent than me friends who are not nearly always busy.

    Unlike many, I don't really have that sense of spirituality, I'd like to, I had some, but my brain seems very good at saying to me that pattern in randomness is not real, ignore it. I can't even pretend to myself I sense a higher force. Trading did that for sure.

    Does anyone later 40s+ perhaps have any advice on is this a phase, just how it is or any ideas on what can shift this? First world problem as they say but worth a shot asking. :)
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  2. Meditate + find an interesting job... That’s all there is to it.
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    Keep taking good care of your daughter... and then teach your grandchildren everything you know. It'll be worth it.
    .....Keep movin' on Slart. 3:40 :fistbump:
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  4. Yeah.. maybe see an endocrinologist. I have a feeling that something somewhere is too high or low. All seems normal but this not-depressed-depressed thing is getting old.

    I get into a kind of trance state trading, 'he deals the cards as a meditation' as Sting said. But not all forms of meditation are necessarily helpful.

    I will always do that. She is worse than me at being older than her years ;)
  5. I think meditation, once you get into it properly, is generally quite useful for regulating all sorts of stuff, including moods. If you’re into that sorta thing, you can do some more or less meditative/martial arts stuff, like tai chi or BJJ (Brazilian jiujitsu). My ex-boss, who is in his 50s, really got into BJJ big time and he loves it.
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    Perhaps spend less time posting on ET.
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    Congrats on winning !!

    Various forms of a vision quest may be up for you.

    Ceremonial shamanic use of entheogens will stimulate spiritual inspiration.

    edit: You could also reconsider mentoring. There's nothing quite like changing the trajectory of another's experience of life for the better.
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  8. Indeed, I have meditated since about 8 yeas old off and on. I'm a short sleeper, I need 4 and a bit hours. As a kid my parents were worried and I picked up a version of TM from my mum's friend who has lived in India (without the cult part). Being able to disconnect now and again allows me to be as focused as I can be.

    In short, yes, it is a must. Used to do tai chi... I'd definitely like to beat up a Brazilian or two.. Thanks for the idea.
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    There's nothing wrong with posting in P&R when one feels strongly about something that they feel needs changed. Sometimes its all you can do.
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  10. Tell me about it. The thing is it is something to keep busy with when in a trade. Too much politics I know.. but that Donny's face.. every day for so long now.. I worry that not ranting would be even less healthy. :)
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