Millionaire visited Walmart.

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  1. A woman millionaire tried to buy 1600 dollars worth of merchant using a $1M dollar bill in a Walmart store, while keeping two more same bills in her purse. Walmart didn't give her change. Poor woman.
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  3. It was posted yesterday and she bought 1700 bucks worth of stuff. Can you verify this story or what.
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  5. Thanks for the reply. It seems to me that she was the one that was very dumb. I still can't believe that this is a true story. There is only one person who lives in Georgia who is that dumb and my brother in law has a different name.:D
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    Whats more stupid is that they called the police and that this made national headlines. Probably some woman who is poor and disturbed.. but please, I am sure there are greater crimes that happen in that store, like employees stealing from the cash registers.
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    good post. I agree with you entirely.
  9. seems perfectly harmless to me...after all, she's just following Alan Greenspan's lead.

    but seriously, i would've loved to be in line behind her...
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