Millionaire Traders, Complete Turtle Trader

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  1. gaj


    Clearing out some space. Either one half cover + media shipping.

    Millionaire Traders - Kathy Lien / Boris Schlossberg. Hardcover book, 400+ pages. Cover 39.95, gently worn, no pen / pencil / marker markings in book.

    The Complete Turtle Trader. Hardcover trading book by Michael Covel. 250 pages in great condition. Cover 25.95, gently worn, no pen / pencil / marker markings in
    book except for autograph from author.
  2. gaj


    still available...
  3. Your prices ain't that competitive.

    Brand new from amazon is cheaper. Both selling for 26.37$ and 17$ respectively.

    I'll be interested if it's a good price.
  4. gaj


    first one is 20, second is 13. media shipping is $2? per book. that's cheaper than what you quoted.

    and the second is autographed by author...not offered on amazon.
  5. A Michael Covell autograph!!! That would effectively drive my offer down to $0 for that book...
  6. you can get this for free..... why would u pay for the turtle trader stuff...
  7. wenzi


    I think the second book, signed by the author makes it worth less.