Millionaire still eligible for foodstamps

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  1. apparently our govt has many flaws and issues. I dream of doing some govt contracting later on, so I can do nothing and collect $$$$
  2. Assets should be a factor in collecting government support.

    Millions of rich doctor's housewifes collecting unemployment checks...

    That's just wrong.
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    They are trying to fix the loophole in the rules that allows for this
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    why save money? in the US there is a 100% tax on saved money if you are to receive medicaid.

    the Democratic politicians, with themselves exempted of course, believe that every dollar a person receives and not handed over to the government is a loophole.
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    why shouldn't they? that is what unemployments checks are for.

    if not eliminate unemployment checks and let people apply for welfare which has an asset test.
  6. Why not aply the same rules on being eligible for welfare to being eligeble to unemployment benefits?

    It's not a rhetorical question.

    Why is there a difference and should there be one?
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    Haha, close enough!

    With all the aid available savers indeed end up footing the bill. Say, whether parents can pay for the colledge (or are eligible for grants) is determenined on the basis of their assets, not (past) income. So, those who spend it all may actually feel pretty secure.

    On the topic of the Opening Post. People often get wealthy by pure luck... but they remain wealthy because they don't throw money away. This includes making full use of any aid available from the government and local authorities. So, getting food stamps fits the stereotype of a wealthy person very well.
  8. they ought to be taken to a nearby ghetto, raped, and shot.
  9. The IMF has no say in national unemployment policy. :p
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