Millionaire gives entire fortune away while still alive

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  1. How many of us have that kind of money ?
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    Ah ha! There are a couple of decent people still on Earth. Must be the last two.
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    Why must one have to donate money to be called generous. Why donating idea as our stock trader has been doing so far isn't viewed as generous. :confused:
  4. Because ideas are cheap
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    That is a great thing to see!
  6. he's an attention whore. the sincerely generous people would do this type of thing in total anonymity. when you discuss your charity in front of millions of people, you have some other motive besides just generosity.

    besides, he's old and doesn't want the huge house anymore. he's downsizing to something smaller. is that true charity or like someone giving away their old clothes they don't want anymore?

    why didn't he give away his forture 20 years while still in his prime years?
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    Mr and Mrs Burnie have been contributing to charity for the last 40 years, supporting various cancer charities, inviting war veterans to their home for meals and opening their door to the less fortunate on Christmas Day.

    Why do people criticize the rich when they want to be rich, too?
  8. Stock_t3 donated millions of $ contrarian trade’s tips:p
  9. when I'm in my sixties, I might donate my whole fortune to a charity instead of paying a steep death tax to the worthless politicians who will squander it on monuments to their bloated egos.

    But, notice the guy didn't give it away when he was young.

    Same with Buffet.
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