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    I don't know how we can consistency to make money by using Millennium. I traded AA today, and millennium seller was sitting on the bid side and held it strong, so I went short first, and then covered later by using millenniium immediately or held for 3 or 4 cents profit. Before 2:30pm, everything was ok and I made over $1000 on millennium. However, when the millennium disappeared, I got fill 40,000 shares. The stock started to moving crazy. Even though I got out quietly, but still took totally 15 cents to get out the position. I really want to know how I can play with millennium.
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    There is my trading list.
  3. So you lost 6k on that trade ? Welcome to Nyfix Millenium :D The learning curve is steep ... Good luck though !

    And oh, BTW, do you really think anybody is going to tell you how to trade this ? Lol.
  4. I donot really know how it works,

    but to have a 40000 shares position on a stock( Avg Vol : 6m ) means huge risk(day trading).

    good luck