Millenium Traders - Too good to be true ?

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    I was recently suggested to check this guys out. Started browsing the tabs and found their performance data.

    Is this too good to be true ?

    It certainly sounds like it. However, that could be the skeptical in me. I only got two eyes, anyone has experience with them ? Stories ? Bad or good. Much appreciated.

    There is a free trial. I just don't want to waste my time.

    Thank you.
  2. khandl


    Have wondered this myself have you been able to find out any info
  3. u know the saying...if looks too good to be true.........

    check on ET..i think someone once ragged on em if i remember

  4. I checked them out for a week(free trial) not too long ago. If you ask me, it's not worth $250/month they charge, especially if you have a multi monitor setup and can track a good number of volatile stocks yourself. Their calls are based on last sale price, not bid/ask, so their stats are bent quite a bit to their favor. A lot of the stocks they trade are GOOG, CME, SHLD, GS, all the high-priced ones so you better have good BP and wide stop loss. It's entertaining to follow their calls but I wouldn't pay what they charge. That's the bottomline. There are free chatrooms if you look around hard enough that give out good trades.
  5. pt199


    I tried the free trial several years ago and you must have a broker that has very fast executions to keep up with them.
    They get into a trade with about 5 seconds of warning and dont always tell you its time to get out. They use a 1 pt stop and the problem I saw is the trade might run +.12 up and crash down to minus -.60, that was considered a winner of .12 cents. But they have been around now for over 8 years. They now cost a great deal more for the fee also!
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    Did some searching on ET but could not find any good or bad info. Did a search on the net as well but nothing there either. Unless I a poor job of searching, which i may, I really cant find any info on them. If they have been around 8 years, surely someone has been successful with them. I have been looking for opions too.
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    Thanks, it has alot of helpful info