Millenium-Traders Really Use a $1 Stop?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by version77, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. Has anyone checked out this stock-calling website? It seems
    they use a set $1 stop on every trade. At least this is what
    it seems like. Their posted trades usually only have 1 or 2
    stopped out trades out of 20 or more trades each day.

    Is this a complete come on or are these guys really pulling
    this off?

    They call themselves Lightning and Thunder. I used to have
    a dog called Thunder. Siberian Husky I believe it was....

  2. version,

    yes they really use a buck stop. i have seen it with my own eyes :~)

    they may have as many as eight or more positions open at any one time.

    the play is fast & furious! one after another! bam! bam! bam!

    about a hour & half into the day your mouse is SMOKIN'! :~D
  3. I noticed yesterday that they took some stops that were less
    than $1. Maybe they are realizing the buck stop doesn't work.
    Which makes me wonder how professional these guys really

    Also, if you check out their chat for the day on their website,
    the times/prices don't match up on a 1-minute chart.

  4. version,

    they have been calling some exits, but not many, just a few each day, and it seems to be only those stocks that are retracing back into their entry price, but not all that retrace, can't make sense of it.

    despite these few exits, they state repeatedly that they DO NOT & WILL NOT CALL EXITS!

    i noticed the time discrepancy too, i can tell you that the calls made in the room are on time, however, the time on their recap post is off by several minutes, but all the calls seen there are real.

    also, i don't like their intolerance to questions as to their efficacy and their methods, they get very defensive.
  5. ProTrader1

    Is it my imagination or is MT getting more traders in the room?
    Looks like a lot today.

    The times and prices on the first stock today, MLNM, don't
    match up at all. If I would of went long at 30.41 at 9:35 or
    so I wouldn't of done well. Would of been a great short though!
    Maybe buying at the open and selling at 9:34 would of
    gotten you the sell at 31.00...

    I'll check one more stock. I bet it is my last. Lets do Lightning's
    first call. VRSN. In my email the trade is claimed a buy at 41.29
    Heck, anyone could of scored off this one at the open. Giant
    run for 20 minutes! Lightning has a "consider buy at 9:40".
    Price at that time is 41.95-42.30 A lot different from what
    "L" said they bought it in my email. Email says sold at 43.15
    On the call site "L" claims 43.15 came in at 9:54:34 Price at
    that time was 42.52-42.73 low to high in the 9:54 time frame.
    How did they sell for 43.15? Not very close. Well thats it. No
    more checking. :)

    If they can't post correct times/prices something must be fishy.

    They claim they don't call exits but they do call what they call
    "winner alerts" and the prices. Seems they are telling everyone
    "here is a profit, take it if you want" Kind of like calling exits?

    I think most "callers" would be intolerant of anyone questioning
    there efficacy. Especially in the room. Makes them look bad or

    I guess what really matters is if you can make $$$ with their
    calls. Doesn't take too long to figure that out...
  6. could be false aliased just to make the room look busy.. im usre alot of chatrooms have fake members to keep from looking like they only have 15 members..

  7. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. It couldn't be too hard
    to fake a bunch of users. If you look at the names, they really
    don't seem to look real. More like someone made them up at
    a moment's notice... I have the distinct feeling they only have
    5 members!

  8. version,

    Subtract 4 minutes from each call time, then everything will add up. As i stated, their recap page time for each call if off by about 4 minutes, but the calls in real-time and entry/exit prices are legit, i've been there.

    Yes, that is what they say, you decide at what point to take your profit.

    IYou mentioned something about # of members, are you a current member?

  9. ProTrader1

    I realize if you add or substract minutes everything might add
    up. The question is: why do they not add up in the first place?
    If they are taking the time to send the emails and posting the
    chat figures they should make sure it looks right.

    I am not a current member. Just checking them out. Are you
    a current member?
  10. version,

    I am a current member and i can assure you that the calls you see on their recap are the same calls they make in real-time in their room. But the time recorded on their recap is always about 4 or 5 minutes later, i don't know why that time is off but if you simply subtract this evreything works out.

    I make my own calls but use them as a supplement to my trading. Often I get great setups from them that I would never see.

    This AM they absolutely KILLED the market! Winner after winner after winner. Impressive considering the Nas was trading in only a FIFTEEN POINT range! For instance right off the open the nailed PDLI for about three quarters, about fifty cents in TELM (which i would have missed), and about a $1.50 in GNSS. These are just a few i can quickly recall, there were more, ahhhhhhh...later they nailed HGSI for at least $1.50.

    Today is not all that unusual though.
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