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    I was wondering how you base your assumption that Millennium has bad training or non existent training and to avoid them. I have seen the guys in the nyc office and sat and watched the head guy Robert trade. From what I observed they were proactive in their training.

    I also spoke to a trader I know from Andover and he told me that Robert built several profitable desks at Andover and Generic. All from teaching new traders.
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  2. Perhaps millenium is proactive in training once one passes the series 7, but in terms of training for the certification exam itself, I felt that training did not exist. My opinion is evidenced by the fact that I am now studying on my own instead of going through a training program. Hope that clears things up...
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  3. rooroo, if you need someone to hold your hand in studying for the s7 and is not for you. seriously...who needs help in studying for the s7? LOL
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  4. hey honey (r u a male or female??? Im inclined to go with the latter),

    theres a distinct difference between receiving assistance for studying and having one's hand held. Such was the case in college, where the material was not overwhelmingly difficult yet students still attended class and had professors. Or maybe you studied on your own for 4 years and conferred a degree upon yourself.
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  5. i'm a male. didn't mean to sound harsh. just trying to state that you really don't need anyone to help you in passing the s7. just pick up the study material from stc and study the manual and take the sample exams. then you will pass.

    you will have to pay your dues and learn trading on your own...even with the assistance of a seasoned trader. just because you sit next to an experienced trader does not mean you will trade like him or be as successful. success comes through hard work on your own. that's why i said if you need help in studying for the s7, trading is not for you. it is YOU that will make you successful or not in this profession. hope this clears things up.
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  6. Also seems kinda sketchy that Millennium was a NASD firm but now they are changing to the Pacific. In terms of Rob helping to build profitable desk at other trading firms, I wouldn't be surprised, he is a pretty good trader. Although I think he is lying about his background in investment banking, syndicate, and institutional S&T. He doesn't even have his college degree yet.
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  7. Let me see if I can register on the 6th and your first post is to defend Millenium and of course throw Andover's name into the mic....Hmmmmmm.....It will come to me....I think I might know who you are...don't tell me!:)
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  8. Everyone seems to be getting overly excited.....(how rare, lol)....The general practice for the S7 is have the students study on their own, or attend a local "crash course" just to get it out of the way.

    The aforementioned "due diligence" is advisable for any firm. Check history, exchange records, ownership, balance sheets, all the normal stuff.

    It's kind of interesting, as the industry is consolidating in a big (big) way, (Sungard/Andover, Echo/VanBuren, ARCA/Redi, Instinet/ProTrader, etc.) many newer "configurations" seem to be popping up....alliances that you would think odd just a couple of years ago are now being allowed by some exchanges. Retail/proprietary/nasd/exchange via (what seems to be) "friendships" between IB's (introducing brokers) and the like. Sometimes you need a roadmap to figure out exactly what the set up really is. I guess we're not that smart, we just have traders and a clearing firm lol.....

    Anyway....I prefer that each trader think of his career as a "business" - not a "job" - and treat it that way. When you align yourself with any other business, you should feel comfortable, and define what each of your duties and responsibilities are (capital, training, hardware, software, and the like)....I think this makes the decision making a bit easier....and still it's subjective enough where you might just say "hey, I like these guys, and they may not be the biggest or the best, but I feel comfortable there"....and others may say " these are nice guys, but I'm not sure they really know what they're doing".....

    Make money trading, and all is well...

    Good Luck to the original poster....

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  9. Why do I feel like I just got lectured by my dad????:)
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  10. Oh NO!! Not another "unknown child"....

    lol :p

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