millenium arbitrage

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by CowboyBlue, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. ive heard a ton of people doing this can anyone tell me how exactly this works??
    i don't need to know how to find it in the stock just how/why this is a strategy making people so much easy money, seems like every time i try using millenium i never get hit unless the price has already rolled through me for a couple cents.
    thx for any input
  2. Do you honestly expect an answer?

    Why would these people give up their gimmick? Without it they can't make money. The secret is already out anyway and it's a limited time before it's over.
    I'm sure you can figure it out on your own.
  3. Singer


    If he was dumb enough to expect someone to spill the beans on their limited edge, then no, he probably can't figure it out on his own.
  4. Yeah you right
  5. i wasnt wanting someone to tell me how to do it just how it works as in what the hell it is, im not interested in doing something that by the sounds of it will be eliminated soon
  6. Singer


    How it works and how to do it are the same thing. What it is, is what you called it in the title of the thread: "Millennium arbitrage."

    If you're not interested in doing it, why'd you ask? "How are all these people making so much free money? No, no, I'm not interested in making free money myself, I'm just curious."
  7. ok people on this site really need to get a life and quit bitching, i was simply asking how this is a viable strategy seeing as how the only time that I seem to get hit on millenium is when price is rolling through for a couple of cents anyways dont bother responding anymore I my curiosity is gone.
  8. Hey singer,

    Sounds like you know how to get all the free money, care to share some details with the rest of Et forum? :)
  9. Singer


    Maybe I do and maybe I don't... but the ET forumgoers will never know. (evil laugh) :cool: