Milk is bad for humans

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    I'm not sure if it's bad for everyone, but I can tell you for certain that when I stopped drinking it, all of my allergies went away. And I used to be on Claritin-D, various inhalers, etc. on a daily basis.
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  3. Haven’t had milk in almost 20 years.
    Ice cream in over 10.
    Never liked yogurt or cottage cheese

    The only thing I will have is a slice of cheese on a sandwich or fresh mozzarella at a good Italian restaurant or Steakhouse.

    I read an article that “lactose intolerant” is actually incorrect since more adults are actually intolerant than not.
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    I’ve cut out milk but I do have a little half and half in coffee which I have on Sunday. Feel so much better.
  5. Animal milk has long been claimed as the go-to source of calcium by the dairy industry, but as it turns out, milk is bad for you. Calcium from animal milk is not absorbed as well as that from plant-based sources, and it can be accompanied by a number of dangerous health problems.
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    A1 or A2?
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    Generally speaking, no adult mammal is drinking milk. But since humans eat even shit, I mean spiders and ants, we do drink milk. As you go towards the East, milk consumption drops and intolerance increases.

    On the other hand a few months ago in Europe I used 3.8% milk for my coffee and that was the richest taste I have ever drunk, I am still trying to replicate it here in the US... US whole milk is only 3.2%.
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  8. What kind of dangerous health problems?
  9. I consume about 3 cups of lactose-free skim milk a day, which I use to make my 2 daily milkshakes. I rely on the protein because I don't like to consume too much meat, which I eat in small quantities, and not every day. I eat plant sources of protein like legumes and nuts daily, but I'm not sure that alone, along with the other foods in my diet that have small amounts of protein, would do it unless I'm also having a bit of meat that day. On the plus side, here in Canada I don't believe that growth hormones and antibiotics are approved for milk production.
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    I have a pint of homogenized whole milk with two teaspoons of instant coffee, each morning for breakfast. Most times, I have a heaping teaspoon of whey protein/chocolate pudding powder in there, too.

    I'm 58 and will shortly do my first 50-mile run in over a decade, on the way to a 100-mile run sometime in calendar 2019. I weigh 10 lbs over what I did as a high school graduate, 20 lbs over the boxing/wrestling I did as a college junior, and (back to) 10 lbs over my last 100-mile run, 2005. My most common lunch over the past 30+ years has been a generic microwaved beef+bean burrito. Most common dinner has been a ramen buried in chopped veggies (whatever was on sale). Amongst other 'additives' I consume a multi and a glucosamine daily.

    No allergies. Rarely sick. (Crosses fingers.) In 40+ years, have never "filtered" backcountry water when hiking. (Thousands of miles...)

    If you guys want to sip a bit of heaven, BTW, go to a farmers' market and pick yourselves up a gallon of unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk (for, like $8-$10/gallon, no lie.) The ones marked loudly with NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Give it a shake or two, and then pour some HEAVEN.
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